BikeMSNYC2013 success!


I wanted to report back on both my BikeMS ride and my fundraising efforts – and the report is an unqualified success.

Random Thoughts

CT Challenge 2013 Fundraiser

BikeCTChallenge_logoIn the past, I’ve helped my friends to Blame Drew’s Cancer out of existence, and even to  Stand Up to Cancer. For the second summer in a row, I’ll be taking on cancer sitting down. That’s right, on my bum – for 50 miles.

Once again, I’m joining my friends supporting Team Norwalk Hospital – Wittingham Cancer Center and the Bike CT Challenge  to empower all the cancer survivors in my life – And yours.

Proceeds from my ride will fund unique programs and research to help cancer survivors through exercise, nutrition and psychosocial support. Cancer survivors need follow-up care for life and I am helping them. The research being done will benefit everyone who’s had to go through chemo and radiation, and find new ways to help survivors get healthy again.

I know lots of people in my family and my life who are battling cancer or who are survivors. You do too. Let’s honor them.

You can DONATE HERE or use the link  **.

Oh, an if riding 50 miles on July 27th in Fairfield, CT, sounds like a lot of fun to you, click the link above and click “Join my team.” We have cool shirts too.


**For you folks who prefer to know what you’re clicking on – that translates to the secure donation page on for my ride:

Random Thoughts

A Little Philanthropy Smackdown

Untitled My friends and business colleagues know I’m passionate about nonprofits, causes and philanthropy.

For the last few months, I’ve been working with a social giving website called One4All, first helping start their online presences, and now acting as an advisor. One4All Members can donate to any US-based 501(c)3 organization and the non-profit receives the full amount (unlike other sites that may take 5-7% from the charity). It’s free to join, you can donate to your favorite non-profits, support friends’ causes, and create your own fundraisers. Your account saves your donation history forever.

Random Thoughts

A Very Special Thought for 9-11

It is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness…

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a peaceful day for all my America’s Camp Friends.

Random Thoughts

Support Team Jamie and BikeMS NYC

This year, once again, I’m riding for Team Jamie and BikeMS NYC.

3 years ago, when I said I wanted to ride 30 Miles for an MS Bikeathon, my step-but-real sister Jamie  said “I can barely walk 300 feet – why do they do these events that people with MS could never do?”

I said “Maybe it’s because we hope someday you’ll be able to.”

3 years later, life is harder for Jamie, but I’m able to ride farther, and hopefully raise more money. This year it’s 50 miles for Team Jamie! I’ve got some Awesome team mates and we’re going to blow the pack away, and blow out the fundraising goals. I’m looking to beat $1000!

You can support me by going to and no amount is too small. Thanks.