CES wrapup news – The ELSE is Cool!

I didn’t got to CES this year, and I’ve been looking for the most forward thinking and interesting devices from people’s wrap up reports. Buried in Fast Company’s report was this link to ELSE.
What to Take Away From CES | TechWatch | Fast Company

Even relative smartphone newcomers are expounding upon the trend that Apple and Android spawned, as evidenced by the ELSE Intuition, an Access Linux-based device being hawked in an unused conference room off the show floor.

Into Mobile has more complete coverage, including an embeded video, below. What is most striking to me here is the “intuition” OS that tries to anticipate what you want. The phone speed dial is made up of the people you call the most. The Calendar drop down shows today’s free busy if you want. And, it is designed to be run mostly on your thumb – so that you can hold the phone and operate it with one hand, without being awkward.

None of these things are ‘revolutionary’ but they do speak to people paying attention to the way customers actually use their devices. And hopefully points towards ways the devices pay attention to the way we use them.

ELSE First Linux Smartphone Demo from CES 2010