Social Media Club Forms Interim Board

I’m proud to announce that Social Media Club has started a re-formation, and I’ve joined the interim board, along with 42 practitioners of Social Media from the Enterprise, Consumer, Public Relations, B2B, Academic and Education, and Communication fields.

In this release, the new board acknowledges “our core mission will remain the same: promotion of media literacy; support of industry standards efforts such as Creative Commons licensing, Microformats, Data Portability and OpenID; discussion and promotion of ethical behavior; and sharing our knowledge among our members and the industry community at large.”

I’ve been part of this train from the start, and it is an honor to serve with some great practitioners who I can learn from and with whom I can share my experience. SMC NY will re-convene this Fall, possibly in conjunction with a Special Interest Group or meetup, so I’m interested in your feedback about that, and what you’d like to learn when we do so. And if you’re interested in volunteering to help that effort, please get in touch.


3 responses to “Social Media Club Forms Interim Board”

  1. I’m so glad you are back involved. I thought the press release was a bit light. What do you want to focus on? I’d like to see more mentions of ROI and measurement. Standards are great, but they don’t pay the bills ;).

  2. Howard Avatar

    Thanks, Adam, the SMC site is going to answer many of these questions, in public, over the next few weeks.

  3. Joseph Rivera Avatar
    Joseph Rivera

    This is great news! I agree with Adam…discussion on ROI would be helpful.