IAmSterdam, at least for another day

The popular tourist shirts say “I AM Sterdam” in all the shops. Well, I AM in AMsterdam for another day, thanks to a cancelled Continental flight. Continental actually sent a check-in notice, but when I tried to do so at the hotel computer, it said “gate only.” Not cancelled, Gate Only. Get to the gate, and then find out from the HUGE line that it is cancelled. And, btw, no more info. No one to speak with, just get on line.

The travel agent who helped us via the E-Factor said she managed to get Bill and I on a flight tomorrow, but no guarantees until we get to the counter. I’ve been on a line for 2.5 hours now. Hey Continental, you’re working with the kind of efficiency that the 1980’s Aeroflot would have admired. How long do I have to wait  to  confirm what I did on the phone? This is insane. What crappy customer care. And, this is just the start of the “new Airline industry.”

Hoping to get out of line soon and drop the bags so we can go enjoy another evening with dinner in Amsterdam.

Update:3.5 hours to get on the same flight tomorrow as I was on today. Only reason that happened was due to travel agent, otherwise I would have been playing the “Amazing Race” all day. Thanks again to CitizenM for making sure Bill and I had a place to stay again tonight that will be cozy and close to the airport. The staff is so accomodating and welcoming.