Searching High and Low for Windows Home Server

I saw the announcement from the CES show about the new Windows Home Server. This is an interesteing concept for me so I went to to look for more info. Great big picture of BillG from his keynote. No link to the product.

So, if Bill Gates, your boss, is going to announce products, don’t you, the web manager, want to link to them on the front page of Apparently not.

Well, I remember reading that it can use Windows Live Services, so I went to that website. No link to the product. Ok, well, I’m on, let’s search for it.
Here’s a screenshot of with a search for “Windows Home Server.” No good links on the front page. In fact there are a lot of links to home pages of Windows Server products.

Ok, on the sidebar there’s a link to Windows Server Home Edition. Let’s click that.
Here’s a screen shot for that link – no search results ‘above the fold’ on the first part of the page.

Now, let’s scroll to the bottom of the page. Aha. There’s someone talking about it. 2 blogs, in fact.

If you’re the Microsoft marketing manager in charge of this product, don’t you think you should go make sure it’s on your own search engine?

Ok, over to Google. 3rd, 4th and 5th result are relevant to my search, even though they’re blogs and news articles.

As a stockholder of MSFT, I’m disappointed.

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