Oh, what a feeling- Ugh – Prestige Toyota of Ramsey, NJ

I had the displeasure of visiting Prestige Toyota of Ramsey, NJ yesterday with the family. We were looking at the Rav4 since it has an extra row (making it possible for us Soccer Moms/Dads to take a few extras when we go to events for the kids.
However, the sales guy Harry was really, really annoying. After insisting on taking the car out of the dealer lot before allowing one of us to drive (ok, I get it, don’t hit any other cars) he drove us straight to their repair facility down route 17 to show it off. We promptly got stuck behind someone dropping off or picking up a car and had to sit there for 5 minutes.
He had that annoying sales-guy way of using sales ‘tools’ like “Well, let me answer your question with a question.” Ok, I get it. You’re trying to sell me a car. But it gets really annoying after a while. And it took a while. More than 2 hours before we were done with our dealer discussion and test drive, and frankly I wasn’t in a mood to negotiate at that point. However, he thought my desire not to negotiate was a negotiation. Which I kept stating it was not.
However, they had done a cleaver thing (from a dealer point of view). They offered to appraise my trade in (never do this, I found out, until after you have a price for your car. Thanks Brian).
Therefore they had my keys when we wanted to leave. Even asking for my keys back became a negotiation until I walked past the receptionist (who promptly freaked out “YOU CAN”T GO IN THERE!” and got some sales guys to follow me) to the manager office and said “I want my keys. I am not negotiating I am leaving.”
Oh, well, they could have possibly sold me a car. But if this is the way they treat people, it’s indicative of how they treat people after the sale. There’s another Toyota dealer a little farther away, and if we want one instead of the other cars we’re looking at, we’ll probably go there. Bye, Prestige.


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  1. I know what you are going through. 4 months ago I was looking to get a new car I'll share a quick and easy way of saving some $$ without having to do much negotiating. I used carsdirect.com obut you probably can use any similar site. Request a price quote from them. Once you get the price quote for your desired model you then print out the specs and bring it into your local dealership and show them the better offer you got, have them try to match or beat the quote. I cant promise it will work but it worked for me. I ended up saving $3K. best of luck.

  2. howardgr Avatar

    Thanks Michael. We ended up getting a Hyundai SantaFe at Liberty Hyundai, and I think I got a good deal.
    We downloaded the report on the car from Consumer Reports and got the actual prices, etc. I got the car for several hundred lower than invoice, which makes me happy.