New Apple Software for Hannukah!



In the spirit of Hannukah, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has posted some great new programs for your Mac.

iGevalt: Apple’s new data recovery program. It doesn’t work particularly well, as the software has a tendency to dramatically throw up its hand and sulk in the corners of your desktop so you’ll feel guilty about having forgotten to properly perform your backups.

iVey: The companion software to the iGevalt, the iVey (also known as the iVeyIstMir in early product releases), is the next generation of Getting Things Done. It reminds you about all your appointments at least a day after you’ve missed them.

More at their site.


One response to “New Apple Software for Hannukah!”

  1. Ha ha… funny stuff.

    There actually is a piece of software called iGevalt… but it's for the iPhone.