Day: October 3, 2006

  • From Social Media to Corporate Media

    Chris has launched the site for the workshop “From Social Media to Corporate Media.” You can hear great speakers like Robert Scoble and Lisa Stone – and get an ‘unconference’ experience. Plus, a party! All for $150. I hope to be there to join in the fun.  

  • Premium Blend

    Thanks to Sanford for a nice birthday present. He got me a subscription to the Premium version of the Roadhouse Podcast.  What’s premium? No commercials for one thing, and a higher bitrate file, which means better sound quality for the “finest blues you’ve never heard.” And it supports Tony Steidler-Dennison in his podcasting efforts. Tony is…

  • Why do we wait to tell people how great they are?

    I just returned from a funeral for the mother of a good friend. Beth’s mother, by all reports, was a wonderful, generous, intelligent and strong willed family center. A fantastic hostess, gifted decorator, and ever a listener, recommender and connector. She garnered 6 euolgies, including one from each child, two from the neighbors, her freshman roommate from college (the deceased…