Broadband Mechanics

 Marc Senasac of Broadband Mechanics – user generated content using open standards as much as possible. Examples – Structured Blogging, Our Media (as part of the Internet Archive). People Aggregator project – different ways to connect to each other – groups, individuals and heirarchy rules – based on standards and open source. Will include structured blogging, […]

Aaron Burcell, Podshow

Podshow, 18 months of growth, top 100 indie content creators, partnerships with Sirius and iTunes. Audience creates or co-creates the content movement will be driven not by tech but by consumer demand. The nature of the content people consume will change dramatically. In Q4 2005 – hit shows had 500k per month, now they have […]

Large scale social networks panel

Anil Dash: when typepad started most people had ratio of blog to readers – 40:1 now it is closer to 1000:1 at Typepad. LiveJournal – huge community – primarily or 2/3rd woman 18–24, very geographically and technologically disparate. Communities like this allow interest groups (That guy who loves cars can talk to car lovers) without boring […]

MeshForum in SF 5/7

I’m at Meshforum. Blogging less than I wanted to, because I was setting up the wireless LAN and the sound recordings for Shannon. Shel Israel and Robert Scoble of Naked Conversations are on stage right now. My notes are notes for self – you may or may not get value from them…   Shel and […]