MeshForum in SF 5/7

I’m at Meshforum. Blogging less than I wanted to, because I was setting up the wireless LAN and the sound recordings for Shannon.

Shel Israel and Robert Scoble of Naked Conversations are on stage right now. My notes are notes for self – you may or may not get value from them…


Shel and Scoble



Word of Mouth – used to not be able to listen in and respond – now we can – technorati and other tools lets us monitor conversations.


Startup getting instant global feedback –

Shel mentioned example of – someone blogged about it, they got the feedback, then added features, added a blog and started conversation with users – they’ve posted 14 entries since they started their blog.


There are more passworded blogs than public blogs – according to Mena Trott from 6 Apart.

Shel: Emergence of Personal Brand – Scoble is 7 levels down from the CEO but is among the most well known people at Microsoft.

Scoble – He’s getting a lot of different views of corporate culture – some companies allow communication, some can’t talk without getting PR approval – but people are interested in hearing about real things in companies.

Shel – test the membranes of the corporate culture, but don’t do anything stupid. Don’t do things to get fired – digital last forever.

Scoble – If you’re going to do things that don’t agree with corporate culture, or take on boss or management – you have to know you’re taking a risk and know that you’re taking on a culture. Go in with eyes open and also have a reason to do this. 

SHel – don’t just jump in, you have to poke toe, go to ankle

Scoble – there is not a ‘line in the sand’ – there is a membrane – you have to know how to strech the line – without popping the membrane.

Scoble – blog comments – livingroom rule – if you wouldn’t say it to me in my living room, I’ll delete it from my comments.

Shel – when people make insulting comments go past the ‘you’re an idiot’ part and think about what the point is.