Month: October 2005

  • David Weinberger’s talk at Blogon2005

    The wonderful David Weinberger gave a great keynote this morning. Contained below are really short notes to myself. They may not make total sense to you, but there are some nuggets of truth and beauty about blogging. Talk: Juicy fruit blog its shit 9:16am (David has railed on Juicy Fruit on his blog before). Wikipedia…

  • test post

    I don’t seem to have tags showing up in Technorati.

  • Blogon 2005 Conference

    Really. Painful. WiFi. Very Good Content. I suppose I should be paying attention and not trying to upload photos to flickr or use the IRC.

  • Another Angle on local flooding

    DSC00230 Originally uploaded by HowardGr. This is another angle, where you can see a different part of the field, and get a better sense of how flooded it is. This is 2 baseball fields with a football sized area in between them, and a parking lot, all under water.

  • Local Flooding

    DSC00231 Originally uploaded by HowardGr. There’s been a lot on the news about ‘localized flooding.’ This is the community baseball field by the train station where I park. You may not be able to tell but the water is as high as a standard park garbage can, or a small fence.