Noshir Contractor’s talk

Noshir starts by referencing the LoveGety from Japan – technology and motivation for networking with others.

LoveGety lets you put in a profile and when you’re near someone with similar profile, your lovegety beeps and you find your e-soulmate.

Four types of knowledge networks

  • who knows who
  • who knows who knows who
  • who knows what
  • Cognitive Knowledge networks – who knows who knows what – ex morgan stanley ad – “it’s not who you know, it’s what who you know knows.”

Cyberinfrastructures – large scale networks to serve science, humanities and arts– allow someone to access data, tools and analytics anywhere and save them – basically running and keeping data in the grid – with cycles being used from the network. Ex – Fusion Grid – Astronomical grids. The grids play important role to connect and analyze data, ex: CLEANER, you have multiple types of nodes and multiple relationships. Need to know who is doing data, value of data, relationships.  So, concept of multidimensional network.

Hey! He’s thinking about how local emergency responders can use networks to get direct info relevant and targeted to their role in an emergency.

Now talking about Cognitive Knowledge Networks – you may be thinking about your intranet –  “ if I just put your stuff on the web site, people won’t bother me as much” – but in fact you end up bothered more – because people know that you know about the subject, and you know people who know about the subject. You know who knows what (ie. I know about what I posted), you also get the feeling “I’m willing to share” and people will bother you.

Great slide on why Actors create, maintain, dissolve, and reconsititue network links.