Newsweek and the sourcing of stories

Just read what I’ve been thinking about the whole issue with Newsweek and the bad story about the desecration of holy books. I’m not the biggest Dave Winer fan, but here he hits a nail on the head:

 I have a suggestion. Why don’t we immediately assume that all press reports are at least as thinly sourced as the Newsweek story, and not make a big deal of it when we discover that one is. Instead, let’s applaud the pros when they show evidence of diligence, multiple sourcing, and respect for what actually happened instead of what they think their editors will buy and what their readers will understand.

I know I’ve been wildly misquoted, bascially everytime I’ve been quoted in the press. That’s their editorial process – change my words into what fits, hopefully keeping the context of what I’ve said.

More thoughts, but later.

Update: Dave should take his own advice. He bitches and moans here and here about Adam Curry not crediting him with inventing Podcasting.
Now Xeni updates the story and explains the interview was edited. Adam mentioned this on his 5/16 podcast, and was pretty genuine in trying to explain himself.