Talk about “Litter” in the snow…

In my neighborhood, there is a shared container of road salt to put on our sidewalks to avoid icing, which is certainly happening now.


One of my neighbors was so stupid, they thought that this container was for used kitty litter. Ok. Just think about that for a second. Here’s the dumpster, containers for green glass,clear plastic, and one marked ‘Salt’. Hmmmm, doesn’t smell like salt.


He or she has been using it to dispose of the cat’s droppings and urine soaked litter.


While kitty litter can be an eco-friendly solution to salt on walks for traction, I’m betting the, uh, extra pieces are not friendly in the slightest. Unless you want to keep your neighbors away. Thank goodness there was other salt around. I just hope everyone else realizes the issue…When the snow slows I’m putting a sign up in the garbage area.