Month: December 2003

  • Happy 2004

    Whoa. The new year looks a whole lot happier through a haze of Pot and Tequilla Shooters! Dude. Or so I’ve been told, because that is NOT what’s going on with us! This year we’re in watching a video and hanging out with our little broken legged boy. We wish you all a Happy and…

  • Welcome to our world Esther Ann Werbach

    Joi reports on Kevin’s new edition. Awesome. Good luck all. Welcome to our world Esther Ann Werbach Welcome to our world Esther. Sorry it’s not in very good share. Hope to get around to fixing it up a bit more before we pass it on to you. Congratulations Kevin! [via Joi Ito’s Web]

  • In the ER on Xmas

    Our family was in the ER on Christmas day. Let me be more specific. My over-anxious 2-year-old was so excited to try to get the doorbell when it rang that he pushed my wife aside on the stairs, tripped her and she fell and broke his leg. Ouch. Ouch is right. It was awful. This…

  • Seriously

    MoveOn’s set of commercials against the President have spawned some really nasty ones. Seriously.{registration may be required}

  • Clean Sweep

    Well, stuff has just been piling up here. For years, I guess. I finally had to throw out a few items, which made me think of a few folks. A shout out and happy holidays to Tom Hammer, who I managed to see recently in CA. I had to dump some original NetObjects documentation, as…