Meeting Jay Rosen

I was over at the NYU campus and got a chance to stop in for coffee with Jay Rosen. I was as impressed in person as on his blog. He’s pretty much the same person – a sign of a good blogger. People like Doc, David, Kevin, Mitch, and a whole list of others are similar – they are who they appear to blog, if you know what I mean. (Rageboy, on the other hand – well, I guess he’s kinda the same too.)
Jay and I chatted briefly about his piece today about O’Reilly. I guess it’s ok to report that O’Reilly’s people had contacted him to say that Bill was going to talk about Jay’s blog on the air tonight. I taped the show but haven’t watched it yet.
This is one of the wonderful things about working at a university like NYU. There’s an incredible number of interesting folks to catch up with or meet for the first time.