Inspired to blog…

Yesterday I had 2 meals with two FOJ (friends of Jerry). They are great people in their own right, but I know them due to various interactions with Jerry, including a conference.

Bill Seitz is a tech guru who runs a Wiki hosting service, among other ventures. We had a nice lunch catching up, comparing stories about our 5-year-olds (both wonderful, handsom/beautiful, and perfect, of course), and talking about the state of the world.

Last night, I attended a panel put on by NYSIA, where I’m on the board of directors. One of the panelists was the ever-blogging David Weinberger, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto and author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined.

The panel was a ‘sales and marketing extravaganza,’ but unfortunately, everyone else was sales while Dave was marketing. He said some wonderful and provocative things, and certainly the audience was moved by many of them.
Things like talking about a brand that was virtually unknown last year, and has reached great awareness and popularity by not ‘controlling the message’ but by allowing others to talk, converse, blog or otherwise put the message out on their own. Of course, he was talking about Howard Dean’s campaign, where he is an advisor of some sort.

Howard with David Weinberger
(Does this Clie Cam make me look fat? I think so….)

After the panel, David and I grabbed some Thai food and caught up with life and the world in general. We talked briefly of PopTech, which I hope to attend some day. I was glad we were able to take the time to sit and talk, and I hope to catch up again soon. Thanks for inspiring me to update this thing.