Taking a New Dive

Announcer: “What dive is he doing?”
Coach:”The Triple Lindy”
Announcer: “There will be an additional springboard installed for Mellon’s dive- the Triple Lindy!”
Diane:”Is that hard?”
Spectator: “That’s Impossible!”

In “Back To School” Rodney Dangerfield’s character performs the “Triple Lindy” – a jump from the high platform to a springboard, to a sideways double flip with knees tucked to the lower springboard, a reverse single flip back to the first high springboard, a backflip on that springboard, ending in a two and a half forward tuck dive into the water.

I feel like I’ve come out of a few flips from Sorceron, through some excellent challenges at the Twin Towers Fund, and now its time for a new gig. I’ve flipped from the tech startup sector, through a ‘startup not-for-profit’, and now I’m completing a maneuver into academia. Back to school, as it were.

So let me tell you about my new job.

Starting on Tuesday, I’ll be returning to my graduate school Alma Mater, as the Director of the Management Institute at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at NYU. I couldn’t be more excited. This job brings my love of teaching and advising together with my original undergrad major in Industrial and Labor Relations. It also brings in the entrepreneurship and community building aspects of my life.

I’m going to help define and refine the curricula in Management, Leadership, HR, Project Management, Small Business and Entrepreneurship as well as several other disciplines in conjunction with others in different areas of the school.

As always, I’ll be reaching out to you, my friends and network of contacts to help me figure out what’s new in the world of business. With your help I’ll be working to create a new and exciting set of courses to broaden and focus the already excellent offerings.

I hope you’ll come visit me at the midtown campus, sign up for a class, teach for me, or just stay in touch. And if I get time to go to the Coles gym pool every so often, maybe they’ll let me practice a Triple Lindy.