Last Post from this PC

It must seem maudline-geeky to be sad that this is the last post to my weblog from this PC. There will be others, from other pcs, in other places.

What I’m really sad about is that this is it – the ending of my current job at the Twin Towers Fund. In a few minutes, I’ll load up the floppy that erases the hard disk and that will be the end of my Windows Domain, the records of the fund (except the backups), the work of about 22 months and $216 Million dollars given away.

I haven’t written much about my work here, because it’s mostly confidential. But it has been incredibly satisfying and wonderful to know how much we’ve done with a small staff, a limited amount of resources, and unlimited generousity from thousands of people, companies and individuals, many of whom will never meet or know the folks they ultimately helped.

Well. Time to go. See you soon, on another keyboard on another day.