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Coffee Tawk at “Blogger Meetup”

Dean and I are having a mini-blogger meetup. This does not, as Dean points out, make us “Howard Dean.” There are just the two of us, and it’s not “Dean for America” – more like Howard – Dean bitching about the state of America today.

Oh, and we decided to go out to Starbucks. There was a “thing” a while ago regarding taking pictures in Starbucks.
No one seemed to care when we did it, though. Then I popped in the card reader, fired up the expensivo wi-fi, and blogged it.
We’re deep inside real american territory. There’s a Walgreens, a Hollywood video, an Applebees, and a realtor here in the strip mall-etee. On this spot once stood a historic 1800s-era Red School house.
There’s also a Challenger center.

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Marketing Advice

My old friend Larry Chase has been writing about Marketing on the Internet since before Al Gore invented it. His “Confessions of an Email Newsletter Publisher” piece this week is a classic. Even if you don’t publish an email newsletter, it may help your communication and customer service skills. Go read it.

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PowerGen Italy’s name amuses Web

PowerGen Italy’s name amuses Web As consolidation among European Union companies heats up, some businesses are struggling with cross-boarder branding and language issues….

[via — News for the people by people]


Ok, someone should be fired for this one. Seriously.

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It’s a Palm, But Can You Tell?

It’s a Palm, But Can You Tell? New Sony CLIE PEG-UX50 has wireless a-plenty, runs Palm OS, but has odd form factor: This strange-looking “Palm” has a small keyboard, a twist-and-rotate design for maneuvering the screen, and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It might become the de rigeur infowarrier device to substitute for a laptop. [via Nigel Ballard]…

[via Wi-Fi Networking News]

Droooling. Seriously, this thing looks COOL.

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Where is he?

Ah, the sound of crickets chirping. The quiet breeze blowing down the tree-lined street. Not a soul in sight.
The current content of this blog.
What do these things have in common?
I’ve been pretty busy lately, frankly. I’ve done a lot of stuff over at Correspondences.
My boss was in the NY Times this week. You might notice the title of that article is “As Fund Disappears, So Does His Job.” By extension, so does mine. So I’ve been quite busy on that front as well. I’m waiting to make the public annoucement but I’ve told a bunch of folks privately. News to follow, it will be worth the wait.