Coffee Tawk at “Blogger Meetup”

Dean and I are having a mini-blogger meetup. This does not, as Dean points out, make us “Howard Dean.” There are just the two of us, and it’s not “Dean for America” – more like Howard – Dean bitching about the state of America today.

Oh, and we decided to go out to Starbucks. There was a “thing” a while ago regarding taking pictures in Starbucks.
No one seemed to care when we did it, though. Then I popped in the card reader, fired up the expensivo wi-fi, and blogged it.
We’re deep inside real american territory. There’s a Walgreens, a Hollywood video, an Applebees, and a realtor here in the strip mall-etee. On this spot once stood a historic 1800s-era Red School house.
There’s also a Challenger center.