Don’t Drink (coffee) and Drive in NJ

Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/09/2003 | N.J. driving bill puts phone ban on hold

N.J. driving bill puts phone ban on hold
By Mitch Lipka
Inquirer Trenton Bureau

TRENTON – Drivers could be pulled over and ticketed for eating, drinking or reading while driving in New Jersey – in addition to talking on cellular phones – under a bill approved by an Assembly panel yesterday.

Incredible. The article says this is ‘on hold’ but some over-anxious legislators, ready to make a mark for themselves, want to keep people from doing anything in a car except driving. If you can’t do 2 things at once, you shouldn’t be behind a wheel. “Personal grooming, tending to “unsecured pets,” and even changing radio stations could rate tickets for unsafe or reckless driving if a police officer decided the actions were distracting”…

Please. They should just include this in the driving test.

Driving Instructor: “Ok, I want to see you pull into that 7-11, leave the car running, and get a coffee. Now, while pouring the sugar in, I want you to pull out onto route 1/9 from the parking lot with the coffee in your hand. You need to go from a dead-stop to 60 in about 8 seconds. Watch out for the truck. Go!”

Student: “Ahhhh! NOoooo!”