Month: April 2003

  • From one (ex)Evangelist to Another

    Robert Scoble: OK, so by now you’ve all seen the news that I’ve “swallowed the red pill.” Source: The Scobleizer Weblog; 4/16/2003; 4:53:11 AM. Robert: I’m blogging you this wish for all the best at Micrsoft. I, too, swollwed the red pill many years ago. It was Pre-Matrix, most people used “Borg” references. I’ve since…

  • Open Source Haggadah

    Keep it light at Passover tonight. Ten Quick Cheesy Ways to Enhance your Seder Humorous 10. Two Words: Plague Charades from ‘The Open Source Haggadah“, via Boingboing, via Adina.

  • Guns. Lots of Guns.

    Next door to Saddam’s Love Shack, enough guns and ammo to take out a few regiments. In the house next door, which had its windows sealed by iron sheets, troops found thousands of weapons. More than 6,000 Berretta pistols, 650 Sig Sauer pistols, 248 Colt Revolvers, 160 Belgian 7.65 mm pistols, 12 cases of Sterling…

  • Mon, 14 Apr 2003 20:41:02 GMT

    It is interesting that I can’t find this on NY Times or WSJ at this moment. All this news from across the pond… AOL Time Warner accused of insider trading Two institutional shareholders launch a lawsuit accusing top executives at media giant AOL Time Warner of insider trading. [Via BBC] Ted Turner and Steve Case…

  • Fri, 11 Apr 2003 17:34:11 GMT

    Sars ‘is mutant cold virus’ The most authoritative study yet identifies sars as a mutant form of the virus which causes the common cold. [via BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition] This is very, very bad. As you may recall, there is no cure for the common cold.