Mon, 21 Apr 2003 14:28:31 GMT

Mr. Personality decided to blitz Times Square this morning, where there must have been 100 or so masked butt ugly guys (how do I know- they were the ones in masks) giving out information for the new Fox “reality” show. (They don’t get a link since they don’t deserve it).

Now, I had thought it was illegal to walk around with a mask in New York, but apparently that law was overturned last year. While the law was intended to keep things like Klan rallys from happening, it would have been useful this morning, when you couldn’t go five feet without some masked butthead trying to assertively hand you a flyer.

The show is hosted by an american sweetheart, a woman who publically fell for “Mr. Personality” – hook, line, and cigar. Now, I had changed my opinion about Monica after seeing her HBO show. I’ve changed it back. She’s fallen for another line – “Baby, this show will make you famous.”

And another thought – if this was a show with WOMEN who had great “personality” but no face showing, and men making the decision, people would be all up-in-arms about it. Oh, wait, I forgot. That’s every singles bar in America after 2 am.