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  • Told You So – Apple Tablet

    Applet Tablet With iPhone-Like OS Confirmed in TV Interview [VIDEO] McGraw adds that he thinks the tablet will be “really terrific” for e-books in the higher education and professional markets He also stated it would run “a Version of the iPhone OS.” As I predicted. We’ll see how close I was at 1pm EST.

  • My Apple Tablet Prediction

    Image by Getty Images via Daylife On the 27th of the first month, Steve Jobs will come down from the mountain forge of the gods, and bestow upon the waiting masses his tablet(s). Thus sayeth the prophets. But what will the Apple Tablet be? Well, I predicted the following in two tweets here and here…

  • CES wrapup news – The ELSE is Cool!

    I didn’t got to CES this year, and I’ve been looking for the most forward thinking and interesting devices from people’s wrap up reports. Buried in Fast Company’s report was this link to ELSE. What to Take Away From CES | TechWatch | Fast Company Even relative smartphone newcomers are expounding upon the trend that…

  • Me on Barely Digital

    My old friend, Obama Girl model Amber Lee Ettinger, included me in her Barely Digital coverage of Web 2.0 expo. Yeah, that’s me about 40 seconds in.

  • Some coverage of me from Blog World Expo

    I truly enjoyed my trip to Blog World. There was value in the panels of course, but huge value in networking with others in the industry, getting their perspectives, and creating new relationships. We can read each other’s blogs, or follow each other on twitter, but meeting in person really makes a difference. I was…