A post for the Metro North Bloggers

David Parmet has set up Metro North Bloggers as a group blog for all of us commuter types who live up in Metro North territory. As Suffern is the place where the NJ Transit line turns over and becomes Metro North as the train heads north and west into New York State, I guess I qualify.

Suffern is a very cool place and it is getting cooler, with the proposed and hopefully real Music and Arts Festival coming this fall. Hopefully I’ll get Parmet and some of the crowd from the other side of the Hudson to visit for the festival.


2 responses to “A post for the Metro North Bloggers”

  1. Hi,

    I'm sorta kinda thinking about moving to Suffern. Can you please tell me why you think it's cool? I can see that it is, I just want to hear about it from someone who actually lives there. (I'm not sure if the Music and Arts Festival, grand as it will be, is a MAIN reason, it only confirms the place is cool–I'd like to hear about year-round coolness). Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Suffern has great schools, community diversity, and great neighbors. We've been very happy living here.