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Suffern Music and Arts Festival

I’m excited to be helping the Suffern Music and Arts Festival with a little of their online and search strategy. The festival is September 5 and 6, 2009, here in my hometown.
From the site:

The Suffern Music & Arts Festival is all about community in the 21st century. Music and the arts is our world’s universal language. So when this village, located in the heart of New York’s Ramapo mountain region of Rockland county chose “THRIVING” over “SURVIVING” this economy, they looked to that “one voice” to speak out.

I know this will also be reposted on the MetroNorth bloggers site, and I hope my friends in the Northern Suburbs will come out and support our Jazz, Blues and Grooves stages as well as the local crafts and artists.

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A post for the Metro North Bloggers

David Parmet has set up Metro North Bloggers as a group blog for all of us commuter types who live up in Metro North territory. As Suffern is the place where the NJ Transit line turns over and becomes Metro North as the train heads north and west into New York State, I guess I qualify.

Suffern is a very cool place and it is getting cooler, with the proposed and hopefully real Music and Arts Festival coming this fall. Hopefully I’ll get Parmet and some of the crowd from the other side of the Hudson to visit for the festival.