Question I’d love to see asked at the Presidential Debate

“Senator McCain, Senator Obama, your campaigns are both running ads that call the other a liar. Are either of you ready, on this stage tonight, to outright call the other person a liar and explain it? And if not, are you ready to stop that ad and take a more civil road to the White House?”

But it will never happen.


3 responses to “Question I’d love to see asked at the Presidential Debate”

  1. Why has no one asked either party why they haven't said anything about the stansberry report on oil where 2 trillion barrels of oil are. Next why hasn't any reporter asked about the bakken oil formation. 400 billion barrels of oil.

  2. A fascinating idea, the premise of which could be used on so many fronts to eliminate the time wasted in things that do not enhance, improve or achieve anything beyond clouding.

  3. Amanda, thanks. I hope your hand is better, and thanks for adding me on Twitter. And, yes, you should vote for “that one.”