Stand Up to Cancer – TODAY!

Today is the day for the big Stand Up To Cancer show, at 8pm EST and PST on NBC, ABC and CBS. This is a big day – the first day in the rest of our lives – in that we are making a commitment to rid this planet of Cancer. There have been lots of discussions on politics in the last few days, but Cancer attacks Democrat and Republican, working and jobless, young and old, rich and poor, American and citizen of the world.

This effort, to fund great projects with potential, that perhaps don’t fit the critiera of the drug companies who are making sure we have cures for ED and stomach aches.

I’m standing up for my mother-in-law who survived Breast Cancer, for my cousin who survived Hodgkin’s, for the little girl across the street who, thank god, we just learned is cancer-free after 15 months of treatment at Memorial (and at age 3!). I’m standing up for my wife’s cousin, who his wife and 2 kids lost to Cancer at 35. Cancer kills, and it’s time we kill Cancer.

What can you do?

As I mentioned in this post, you can add a widget to your site that funds Stand Up To Cancer.

You can Donate today.

You can Twitter, Blog, Publish on Facebook, etc.Details on the Virtual StandUp page.

You could learn more about other social media efforts in this space.

You could also shout it from the rooftops – “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore – I’m Standing up to Cancer.”

But donating might be more effective.

You might want to know where the money goes.



Test post to Guildsmiths

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Political Satire of the Day.

Whoever did this site did a wonderful job. Plus, the images of Col. Tigh and Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galatica and the images of McCain-Palin are clasic:

social networks

E.Factor lounge opens in Amsterdam

Earlier in the summer, Bill Sobel and I visited this still-under-construction facility
in Amsterdam.

When they told us that this:
would be ready by end of August, I wasn’t so sure.

However,as Bill reports about the E.Factor Lounge opening, and as this Dutch blog shows, clearly the building is done and as beautiful as envisioned.

The thing I like about E.Factor is that they envision Social Networking as both an online and an in-person experience, and this is a first step towards that vision.

Now, I just need another gig to get back to Amsterdam so I can spend time in the lounge! (And one is opening in NYC soon!)