The E.Factor – a niche social network for Entrepreneurs

You may have noticed a new widget on the left column of my blog – representing a map of my usage in the E.Factor, a niche social network for Entrepreneurs. I’m excited to show my support for E.Factor, as I know the principals involved, and respect them as successful entrepreneurs and investors. They’ve asked me to be one of the E.Factor “coaches” – someone who can help others to advance their businesses or ideas. I’m privileged to join and pitch in where I can.
One nice feature in E.Factor for the investor is that entrepreneurs can’t grab them directly. They can request contact, and investors can look at entrepreneur’s idea or plan before they get in touch.
If you’re looking to meet other entrepreneurs, or to find investors in an environment where there’s some respect, some good people and features like visual chat and lounge in which to meet others, you might check E.Factor out. An advantage to being early in a social network is that the early
adopters can have more and deeper connections in the network. So, if you’re thinking of joining, this is a good time. They’re at about 39,100 members, and looking to get to 40,000 this week.
My linking policy on E.Factor is that I’ll link to anyone who requests it, as long as they have a profile I can read and understand. (A few folks who have linked to me who had no profiles and one who looked like a multi-level marketer, I’ve refused.)


2 responses to “The E.Factor – a niche social network for Entrepreneurs”

  1. Great post Howard!! I love the widget. Let me know if I can be of any help!

  2. great widget, i will recommend it to one of my friends who is a n entrepreneur himself!