Twitter Updates for 2008-03-17


  • May be one of #
  • May be one of 5 people in my train car not wearing green and speaking with an Irish Brough #
  • @tdefern happy birthday! #
  • Heading to The Business of APIs Conference, and hoping parade doesn’t interfere. #
  • At the Business of API conference. Lots of Valley and NYC people, a great mix, and very good speaker lineup. #
  • watching @jzawodn with @jowyang @anildash @davemc500hats and @rafer all around me. It’s like being in SF. #
  • well Adam from Mashable, Nate from Bricabox, Steve from Magnify, and Nicole Tecco Reece helping me feel the NYC vibe. #
  • @Chrisbrogan Thanks and Happy day. No green beer here at the Yale club… #
  • @adamIss URL for your post? #
  • @Dani_PA City meaning Lancaster? In Philly I say City and mean NYC (with love). Who are these people? #
  • @davemc500hats doing a Horton Hears a Who exercise at Business of APIs. Are your developers saying "We are here!" ? Do you hear them? #
  • @sbostedor – it is a wordpress plugin from that shows Twitters on my blog. #
  • @AnilDash I wasn’t uncomfortable. Perhaps it is my built-in West Coast compatibility layer. #
  • Getting about 3-5 new twitter followers a day. I’ll beat Jason Calacanis around 2037. No MacBook Air giveaway, anyone want 1st gen iMac…? #
  • @seanbohan NY so does not suck. Dude. #
  • @jzawodn posted and I found it on twitter, even though I’m sitting next to him. #

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