Twitter Updates for 2008-03-17

  • May be one of #
  • May be one of 5 people in my train car not wearing green and speaking with an Irish Brough #
  • @tdefern happy birthday! #
  • Heading to The Business of APIs Conference, and hoping parade doesn’t interfere. #
  • At the Business of API conference. Lots of Valley and NYC people, a great mix, and very good speaker lineup. #
  • watching @jzawodn with @jowyang @anildash @davemc500hats and @rafer all around me. It’s like being in SF. #
  • well Adam from Mashable, Nate from Bricabox, Steve from Magnify, and Nicole Tecco Reece helping me feel the NYC vibe. #
  • @Chrisbrogan Thanks and Happy day. No green beer here at the Yale club… #
  • @adamIss URL for your post? #
  • @Dani_PA City meaning Lancaster? In Philly I say City and mean NYC (with love). Who are these people? #
  • @davemc500hats doing a Horton Hears a Who exercise at Business of APIs. Are your developers saying "We are here!" ? Do you hear them? #
  • @sbostedor – it is a wordpress plugin from that shows Twitters on my blog. #
  • @AnilDash I wasn’t uncomfortable. Perhaps it is my built-in West Coast compatibility layer. #
  • Getting about 3-5 new twitter followers a day. I’ll beat Jason Calacanis around 2037. No MacBook Air giveaway, anyone want 1st gen iMac…? #
  • @seanbohan NY so does not suck. Dude. #
  • @jzawodn posted and I found it on twitter, even though I’m sitting next to him. #

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Massa v. Dickert: Libel Case Settled

Massa Campaign Archives – Political Gastronomica

Sanford Dickert, the New York based political consultant, and Eric Massa, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 29th Congressional District, are pleased to have amicably resolved the litigation which arose during Eric Massa‚Äôs 2006 Congressional race in which Sanford Dickert served as Campaign Manager. Eric Massa narrowly lost that race to the incumbent, but is well underway with a reinvigorated effort to take the seat in 2008. Sanford Dickert and Eric Massa express mutual regret that issues arose. Eric Massa has since learned that the allegations regarding Sanford Dickert were unfounded.

I’m personally thrilled that this has been settled, and that my friend Sanford is cleared, as I knew he would be.