Twitter Updates for 2008-02-20


  • Morning from EWR twitterers. I’m up earlier than @jeffpulver and @chrisbrogan for a change #
  • @skydiver sorry I missed you. Off to visit TIMA where you spoke recently. Presidents club next time. #
  • @deanland thx and feel better soon #
  • @skydiver will do. hope i’m as amusing and enlightening as you 🙂 #
  • Hello Raleigh. Hoping someone will come up to me at my presentation and tell me that they saw me on Twitter. #
  • talking twitter w @jefftippett at the TIMA event #
  • @jefftippett is my 300th Follower on Twitter. He wins the prize! Thanks everyone for playing the game. #
  • Flight delay at RDU. I’ll get to florida eventually. #
  • @itsinsider I feel your pain, airport to airport #

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