Day: January 10, 2008

  • Twitter Updates for 2008-01-10



    @gregarious I can’t sleep either. Good ideas in head, now being put to wordprocessor. # on my way to Jeff pulver breakfast # In yr friend of a farmer w @jeffpulver @billsobel tagging yr social and eating yr breakfazt # Add maggiefox # @jeffpulver @stephanieagresta thanks for great social media breakfast # @debs – don’t…

  • David Berkowitz Social Ad AGAIN!

    I can’t believe this is back. After all this discussion you would think that Blockbuster must have SOMEONE watching the blogosphere who might have alerted someone not to use David in an ad. But No, HE’S BAACCKKK! BTW, this appeared on my Facebook News Stream. UPDATE: David has blogged this again, and has created a…