In Web 2.0, what’s above the fold?

Stephen Wellman at Information Week points out Milissa Tarquini’s article about Blasting the Myth of the “fold” and where it is on user’s screens. In print ad buying, one of the first things I learned as a junior media planner back in the late 80’s was to ask for placement above the fold, and in […]

Like Moses to the Promised Land….

Today’s Wired Magazine online notes “How Madison Avenue is Wasting Millions on a Deserted Second Life.” The summary is: “Big Brands are spending a lot of money, and no one is visiting their sites.” I think the reality is a bit different. Open letter to Mitch Kapor and the folks at SL: You risk being […]


I really enjoyed visiting Philly on Phriday of last week for BlogPhiladelphia. I posted pictures at Flickr Also shared my slides from my “Introduction to Social Media” talk: Great seeing everyone. Thanks, Annie and team for a great job!