Hey Verizon, what really needs repairing?

Gotta love Verizon. They want to make your phone service as easy as pie. 5 9s’ of reliability. And, frankly, since we moved into this house, no problems with the phones. Went to use it this morning, though, and there’s no dialtone. No problem. Open up the yellow pages (how old skool) and find the local repair number. Pop open the cell phone, call, and …whoops – the number you are calling can not be dialed…from your VERIZON CELL PHONE. So, let me get this straight – I can’t call VERIZON LAND LINE repair from my VERIZON WIRELESS handset?
Forget Skype, it won’t dial that number either. SO, the only way to get this taken care of was to fill out their web repair form. I’m still waiting for a call back on that via my cell phone.
They want me to know that if this is a problem with my “inside” wiring that it will cost me $91 for a service call.
Whoa, wait a second. The phone just rang – they found a disconnected wire in the local office – we’re back in business. Ok, that’s a pretty quick repair time. I’m still frustrated you can’t call regular repair from your cell phone. Next time I’ll just drive over to the local office.

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