Get Well Sawyer

My Nephew is in a Rehab hospital trying to recover from a spinal
“incident.” I say incident because they’re not really sure what has
happened, except that he’s unable to move from the hips down for the
last 2 weeks and a half. He’s a bright, fun 12 year old with a great
attitude, and amazingly high spirits.

There is a chance he will recover mobility, and a chance he won’t.
Positive spirits are what will help him have the best chance. I want
to get him photos of people wishing him well from all over the world.
We’re going to print and put them in his room.

I’ve explained this more on a webpage:
(soon to resolve to

This is not one of those internet rumors, unfortunately. This is my nephew.

I also don’t want it to turn into one of those huge chain mail things,
so please allow this to go only to those friends or blogs that will
help this cause, and direct people to the google page.
This should have a clear ‘expire’ date of August 2006 (and let’s pray
we don’t need photos after that!).

I’ll be answering (and filtering) mail and photos for him at
getwellsawyer at

Thanks in advance for any photos you can send. Good thoughts, prayers,
or whatever you believe in that will help are also appreciated.

Howard Greenstein
New York,
June 3, 2006