Name Dropping, again

Well, I love to name drop. Today, walking through SOHO in search of a gift for Pam (can’t say what it is, she reads this 😉 I wondered where all the stars are that they always photograph shopping in SOHO. I never run into those people.

Stopped by a pizza place around the corner from my office at NYU, and there, as I walk out, is James Cromwell. My mind races through so many things I’ve enjoyed seeing him in, from Star Trek to Babe, but I say “hi” and he says “hi.” Then I told him how much Pam and I love him on Six Feet Under,  and that we’re disappointed he’s been getting less time in the story. He told me “just wait, I’ll be back” then had to keep going. Really nice and fun to see him.

 Update: Went home to watch Sunday’s Six Feet Under. Wow, great story.