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Skype at 14,400 feet

Buzz Reports:
Blogging at 14,400 feet…Stratoblogging…
Off we go, into the wild blue yonder….We just flew around Mt.Ranier. On the SW side, we could see from the plane a group of climbers. Pictures to come….

He’s on the new Boeing plane that has built-in WiFi!

Eric Rice is also on board, and video blogging it.
Eric is the author of the excellent article “How to build a 10 minute podcast.”

I’m obviously kissing up to the wrong people – where is my invite? 🙂



Napsterization – Mary asks: Did EVERYBODY Get Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed This Past Week?

Yes. Yes we did.

Random Thoughts

Doc podcasts a quick one…

Doc Searls pops out a quick podcast with his son:

Docs Podblog Okay, so finally, here it is… (Drumroll……) My first podcast.

A bit of a stream of consciousness in the ‘is this thing on” genre, but a good start. Now, I have to buy the same equipment that Tony recommended to Doc so I can get a better sound in the “Confessions of an IndieGirl” podcast with Bari.

Random Thoughts

A chip off the old block

Harris, my 4 year old, won a radio contest this morning. Pam called into the KTU morning show for the ‘kids joke off’ and got through. (Note, the joke will be up there, but it’s not up yet.)

Harris: (in a really cute and funny way, of course) – “Why did the boy throw butter out the window?”
Goumba Johnny: “Ok, Harris, why did the boy throw butter out the window?”
Harris: “He wanted to see a butterfly. Hahah”
Goumba Johnny: That was great Harris.

Goumba then went on to ask for Pam, and compliment her for having such a bright, funny, special 4–year-old. But of course we knew that 🙂

We won tickets to the advance screening of Disney’s Sky High, and to the Liberty Science Center. Thanks KTU!

And thanks, Harris, for being cool on the radio just like his old man.


Random Thought

Steve T blogging

I’m really glad to see my old friend and fraternity brother Steve T. blogging. It is great when another intelligent voice gets added to the conversation in cyberspace/the blogosphere/the internet/whatever you care to call this. The virtual welcome mat is out.
As you may see from this post, he picked a tough week to start blogging, but there will be more and better things about which to write.