Ross Dawson – The Weightless Economy

The weightless economy – goods and economic value when up, but weight of goods shipped stayed almost constant. So much of what is made weighs nothing, including information. Cuneiform documents from Sumaria still exist thousands of years later – agreed upon standard of communication with an interface – ie carvings in stone. The Internet is also a set of standards of communications we’ve all agreed upon, and the data, like HTML and XML, are also in the same way standards we agree upon and can read through an interface. Ross notes the ‘global brain’ concept.

Picture of Ross.

Ross’ book Living Networks and his Living Networks Blog. 

Talks about the 3 princes of Serendip – origin of Serendipity

Talking about Collaboration – daypop, technorati, etc. LastFm – collaborative playlists based on your taste in music.

Reputation networks – social networks will evolve into being able to share reputations and understand value of sharing information with others.

Tansparency in workflow from shop floor to main company (like Xbox– 90 companies – microsoft knows where things are at any time via networks.

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