CAPT (Ret.) Linda M. Lewandowski,

CAPT (Ret.) Linda M. Lewandowski, United States Navy

Logistics in the 21st century security environment – really about building large scale organizational change.

Recognition of the complexity and the multi-dimensional global environment.

Distributed Adaptive Operations  – Security – diplomatic – economic – social – and ability to sense across mutiple dimensions and respond.

I’m paying more attention than typing – lots of new ideas for me….

DOD case study – sense and respond logistics – > 1/4 of DOD budget is logistics based. Catalyze transformation to a joint, adaptive logistics capability throughout DOD. Incorporate S&R logistics to allow DOD to gather operational data and evalute the sense and respond concept.

Imbed into DOD corporate DNA.

Ability to change the process was dependent on increasing the speed of command.