Month: March 2005

  • The Office Sucks

    TV Show “The Office” didn’t last 15 minutes on our TV before we deleted it. I hope the English version is better, everyone seems to like that one.

  • Welcome to my Blog’s new server

    Hey there everybody (as us former radio types like to say). Welcome to the new home of the weblog. Everything looks pretty much the same, which is to say, pretty boring. The archive links on the right side seem a little broken right now, and I’m not really sure why. The blog roll is out…

  • Moving Day

    I’m moving Hosting Providers. This site may be static for the next few days to a week. See you in the new digs. If you can’t get me on my regular email, try me at NYU or via Gmail, if you know my address.

  • Why does Texas Hold’em over me?

    Hey idiot trackback spammers! Why do you believe that spamming my weblog daily with trackbacks will make anyone play your internet games? Since I’ve put on the ‘no google me’ tag per the fine folks at Moveable Type, you don’t get anything from me. So go spam someone else with time to deal with you.…

  • Oh, my head

    I’m on the sidelines with a sinus infection today. Yesterday I thought my head was going to explode. Today it is draining. I won’t share more, but, hey, you want updates, this is an update.