Blog Ethics?

I got a comment spam posting today that looked like this (Links removed)
Help stop evil (/ word of mouth marketers like by supporting the ( Blog Publishers Association founded by legendary blogger Jason Calacanis.

Jason’s site says he favors Blog Ethics, and also states someone else is doing the blog spam campaign. Jason is someone I’ve know for a long time, and I’ve been impressed with his business sense and maturity lately. That could sound like a back-handed compliment, so let me be more clear- in the old days he did play a little fast and loose, but was always a tough but fair person to deal with. I have trust that he would not stoop to blog-spam – what would it gain him except bad will and villification and that’s not what he’s after.

These kind of spams (I get them every day, whether I post or not) are exactly the reason why we need some way to self-regulate and keep the bad actors out of the picture. So, kudos, Jason, for taking a good first step, and I throw my hat into the ring on your side. Jeff Jarvis and Nick Denton are also involved. Read Jason’s post (above).