I’m still here

Let’s see. Things I’ve been doing while not blogging:

1. Raking leaves. Blowing leaves. Putting leaves into a big bag. Putting the bag by the curb. Repeat.
Seems this homeowner thing has some repetition associated with it.
2. Coaching – I’m enjoying taking the classes in the program in my department at NYU. There are some great faculty and I’m learning a great deal about coaching. I already knew a lot of this, but the program is helping to codify it and to improve my skills. And, I have a coach who is helping me keep to my promise to….
3. Clean stuff up. Like my offices at home and at work. Especially the one at home. Lots of stuff moved into less space.Only one solution, but its tough.
4. Having family time. Its truly awesome to have space for the kids to play.

So there you have the quick update. Great pictures from halloween and October available, if you drop me a note I’ll tell you where to find them..