Whitecaps on the pool…

Had a nice chat with Buzz this afternoon- it was nice that he had power after his Hurricane Charlie experience.


Whitecaps on the pool…

I was about to write a post that said that at the height of the storm we had white caps on the pool and that the surf was up, but alas, the winds never got quite that high.

….Earlier this afternoon I was on Skype with my friend HowardG in NJ. I pointed Howard to the great piece by Jim Fallows on Skype. Howard has been using SkypeOut, which is the technology by which you buy say a E. 10 card, and then can all out anywhere in the world at pennies a minute. Howard and I were chatting on SkypeOut, and then went back to Skype. Howard+’s observation which was dead on, is that using Skype as compared to using a phone line is like listening to FM as compared to AM.

The idea that I can use my cell phone headset, my Ety-Com, plus a $3.99 plug from Radio Shack, plus Skype which is free, and talk to people all over the world just blows me away. The idea that I can now pay pennies a minute, by pass the phone guys, and use the same technology, albeit with slightly less fidelity is equally dazzling.



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