Rock – Me – Hard Place

Last night, trying to get home from work, I ran into a group of protesters trying to block intersections around Herald Square (32-35 at 6th Avenue and Broadway) – ie. right around the Republican National Convention.
There was no going around this – Police had metal barricades. Since this large intersection houses the PATH trains (supposedly the alternative to going to Penn Station), I had to walk around. I found the other side of the Intersection blocked as well – no access to PATH.
Had to walk to 23rd, missed a train, got home around 11having left my office at 8. That sucked. I’m all for your right to protest, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my right to go home.

On the Bright side, I met Jack McGee on the Path train. He’s an Irish actor that’s been in a bunch of things you’ve seen, and is now appearing as the Fire Chief in “Rescue Me” on the FX channel. It’s an excellent show starring Dennis Leary, and it is quite true to the lives of Firefighters in post-9-11 NYC. It rings true to me based on the people I know and stories I’ve heard working on the Twin Towers Fund. Jack was a firefighter in NY for 10 years, so his portrayal is based on experience. He was just a regular guy riding the PATH home after a day’s work and we talked about the show, firefighters, and the craziness in the city. Glad to have met him.