Hey! Upgrading to MT 3.0 worked. This is a good thing. The comments haven’t been working. Let’s see if this fixes it. Update: Seems to work!


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  1. I couldn't post to the next posting… Will this work? How was the 3.0 upgrade?

  2. Howard Greenstein Avatar
    Howard Greenstein

    Larry: Nice to hear from you. It was as easy as any other version of MT. I copied the requisite files to the existing directories using FTP, overwrote stuff, had to set some files to the correct unix permissions (755) then ran an update cgi script.
    Not what Mom would be doing (sorry, Mom) but not tough for someone who set up MT 2.x.

  3. Uh, well, maybe it works and maybe it doesn't.

    On the main page it says zero comments. So I figured I'd go ahead and post one. But then I get to the comments, and see that there is a comment, and that you've replied. By my count, that's two extant comments. Two more than zero, to be precise,

    So it sorta works, but it doesn't post the correct number to the main page. Software, something you can always count on . . .for frustration!


  4. Howard Greenstein Avatar
    Howard Greenstein

    says 3 comments on my main page of the blog. Not on the individual entry page though…