Me, Al Franken

Back in the early 80’s, Al Franken did a bit on Saturday Night Live, about the 80’s being the “Al Franken Decade.” I always liked this bit, and would imitate his manerism of saying “Me, Al Franken.” Example:

People are going to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about me, Al Franken. That’s right. I believe we’re entering the Al Franken decade. Oh, for me, Al Franken, the eighties will be pretty much the same as the seventies. But for you, when you see a news report you’ll be thinking “I wonder what Al Franken thinks about this?” “I wonder how this inflation thing is hurting Al Franken?” And you women will be thinking “What can I wear that will please Al Franken?” or “What can I not wear?” A lot of you are probally thinking “Why Al Franken?” Well, because I thought of it, and I’m on TV.

Well, today I met Al Franken. So here’s a picture of Me, (and) Al Franken.

Me and Al Franken