Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport

Vote Early, Vote Often…

Dan Gillmor [via Dan Gillmor’s eJournal]reports that the EFF is taking an agressive court tactic to try to keep Diebold, “a company that sells disturbingly flawed electronic voting machines”  from blocking (via cease and desist orders) student websites which are posting Diebold’s internal documents that have leaked. The documents in question allege that Diebold is quite conscious that their voting software is not secure and that it could lead to elections that are full of fraudulent results.


Seeing as how today is Election Day, I pulled out of mothballs my tie that says “Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport.” My Uncle Michael gave me back when I was debating a lot in high school. It is a great reminder that we get the democracy that we work for, in addition to the democracy that we “pay for” (lobbying, pay offs, and taxes included.)


So get out and vote, while there’s still a chance it will count.