Month: June 2003

  • Where’d he go?

    You may have been wondering about the lack of activity around here. Or, you may have been enjoying the quiet, zen-like silence. I’ve been spending a lot of effort at work, and additionally have been preparing Correspondences for a upgrade. See you soon.

  • Flippant Movie Review

    The Matrix Reloaded in IMAX. One word: Whoa. Keanu fighting Hugo Weaving at 20 feet tall. Freeway scene with trucks in what seems like larger than life-size. Quite the visual overwhem. See it.

  • American Idle

    I’m blogging …me. Go check me out over there… American Idle Now there’s too many ahead of me They’re all the time gettin’ in front of me I thought I could find a clear road ahead But I found stoplights instead… -Expressway to Your Heart – Soul Survivors I found myself needing to drive from…

  • End of World of Ends?

    He said pass it on, so I’m outting him big time. My friend Mr. David (HM) Spector has nicely taken to the blogging medium with a scathing discussion of why the FCC’s ruling on Media Ownership trumps “World of Ends.” Not that I wasn’t impressed before, but this is really, really good.